Each year the Gerber Institute presents this award to one Newman undergraduate and one graduate student in recognition of outstanding academic work that engages with Catholic tradition. Students may submit any work completed for credit in a Newman course during the past academic year. Eligible scholarly works can include papers, theses, artistic projects or presentations.

Submissions for each year’s awards must be received by March 15th either via electronic or hard copies of the work submitted to the Administrative Assistant of the Gerber Institute. For example, the Spring 2018 awards will be given for projects submitted during the Spring 2017 semester, the Fall 2017 semester or the Spring 2018 semester. (Please note that works must be submitted in their complete form by the March 15th deadline, even if they are being submitted for course credit later in that semester.)

Submissions will be evaluated by a three person committee comprised of the Director and two other board members. Works will be evaluated based on their overall scholarly quality, the degree of critical engagement with Catholic tradition, and the successful integration of Catholic tradition with the particular academic discipline.

Winners of the awards will be recognized at the annual Newman Academic Awards ceremony. In addition, they will receive a certificate and a $250 cash award. Winning works will also be featured on the Gerber Institute website.

[Revised on 11/6/17]