Dr. Matthew Umbarger has been named a Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies Faculty Fellow for the Spring 2018 Semester.  Dr. Umbarger will receive a one course release to carry out research on Qumran, archaeological evidence related to sacrifice in ancient Israel, and related matters.  This research will culminate in the publication of Umbarger’s dissertation as an entry in a series, Jewish and Christian Texts in Context, published by T. & T. Clark

When this major academic work is completed, it is Dr. Umbarger’s intent to produce a more popular work of theology that draws upon this research. This will work will more explicitly link the Eucharist to the banquet traditions of the Old Testament and ancient Near East.

The Gerber Institute is proud to select Dr. Umbarger as a Faculty Fellow and agrees that his research will “promote the mission of the Gerber Institute by exploring Catholic thought and practice specifically in regards to the cultural background of the Eucharist in the ancient Near East.” (From Umbarger’s proposal)

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