Current Theme: Reconciling Differences

Reconciling Differences
Reconciliation by Josephine de Vasconcellos, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, England. Photo by Julian Worker.
The perennial brokenness of the human condition calls us to the healing work of reconciliation. Through its programming, the Gerber Institute seeks to answer this call by fostering dialogue on selected issues of public concern that are marked by divisiveness and conflict.
Nov 7

Dr. Margaret R. Pfeil on racial reconciliation

[ November 7, 2013; 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. ] The Gerber Institute is pleased to announce a lecture by Dr. Margaret Pfeil, professor of theology at Notre Dame.┬áDr. Pfeil’s talk will consider a restorative approach to justice and draw correlations to the specific issues raised by racial reconciliation, using examples and inviting the audience to offer their own examples.

This event is free and open […]