The Gerber Institute will extend its examination of the study theme “Reconciling Differences” at least one more year. Additionally, however, the Institute’s programming for the 2009-2010 academic year will address the theme of reconciliation with a focus on the specific areas of healthcare and education. More details about these programming initiatives will be released as soon as they are finalized.

Fall 2009: Healthcare

In the wake of an extended national discussion about healthcare reform, culminating in the legislation passed this spring, it is clear that many fundamental and unresolved differences exist with respect to the rights and responsibilities associated with caring for the health of our population. The Gerber Institute is making plans to offer programming during the Fall semester that will help audiences unravel some of the many complexities that are involved in healthcare debate.

Spring 2010: Education

It is a commonplace to say that American education is in a crisis. With costs rising, test scores falling (or not climbing rapidly enough), and ever-louder cries for accountability at all levels of education, many teachers, professors, and administrators are under tremendous pressure. Yet it is not at all clear how to reconcile all of the competing demands that educators face. Nor is it entirely clear how the educational enterprise is to be carried out in a Catholic context. Next spring, the Gerber Institute plans to present programming aimed at fostering dialogue around some of the more pressing and fundamental questions associated with education–in particular, Catholic higher education.