The Gerber Institute invites all full-time and half-time faculty members of Newman University to apply to become Gerber Fellows.

What is a Gerber Fellow?

Gerber Faculty Fellows provide intellectual, organizational, and creative leadership in fostering interdisciplinary dialogue on the Newman University campus as a means of promoting the Institute's mission, vision and theme.

The Fellow’s service should consist of scholarly research, as well as the facilitation of activities conducted on the Newman University campus and, if applicable, in the Wichita community, as well as in the greater intellectual community in which the Fellow’s professional discipline plays a role.

For a one year appointment, the fellow receives a stipend of $1,300 and a one course release from teaching responsibilities. The Gerber Institute will support the cost of that course release for the School in which the release will be taken. The Gerber Fellow will work to create opportunities for the Newman community to foster dialogue in a variety of venues. Finally, the Gerber Fellow will serve as a voting member of the Executive Board of the Gerber Institute for the fellowship year.

Applying to Become a Gerber Fellow

Annual Deadline: March 31

Newman University faculty members wishing to be considered for Fellowships should provide a recent curriculum vitae and craft a statement of intent in 1,000 words or less that will address the following:

  1. The faculty member's relevant research aims
  2. How this research promotes the Gerber Institute's mission, vision, and theme
  3. How the faculty member proposes to engage the Newman community in dialogue related to their research and to the Gerber Institute's mission, vision, and theme

Applications should also include a projected budget for funds required (beyond the stipend and course release), if any, to make the proposed fellowship activities successful. Please submit your application to the director of the Gerber Institute by March 31 of the year in which the fellowship would begin.