Reconciling Differences

Our world is defined by our differences. To be sure, many of these differences enrich our lives, in ways too numerous to count. Our diverse cultures, beliefs, and talents can intersect in endlessly fascinating and fruitful ways. Yet, all too often, such differences can prove divisive—even destructive—jeopardizing our efforts to live peacefully with one another. And, once broken, lingering rancor and eroded trust can make our relationships with each other extraordinarily difficult to heal. The perennial brokenness of the human condition calls us to the healing work of reconciliation.  Through its programming, the Gerber Institute seeks to answer this call by fostering dialogue on selected topics of public concern that are marked by divisiveness and conflict.

For the three-year period from 2011-2014, “Reconciling Differences” will serve as the Gerber Institute’s major theme, an umbrella concept orienting the various topics and events that will make up the Institute’s programming and other initiatives.


The Gerber Institute periodically selects specific topics on which to center its programming, often focusing special attention on a particular topic for an academic semester or year.